Hydrographic Data Reports

CalCOFI Data Reports are a compilation of the physical, chemical, and biological data that is collected on our quarterly cruises.  These reports include materials & methods, reference citations, plots of cruise track, personnel, physical & biological parameters, tabular physical & productivity data, zooplankton biomass, and avifauna (bird) observations.  These reports are available in hardcopy since 1953 and electronically since 1985 (html & pdf).

Contains the standard procedures, tabulated data descriptions, associated ancillary projects, footnote definitions, and literature cited.
Cruise Data Reports
Quarterly tabulated data reports.  The 60+ year dataset includes temperature, salinity, oxygen and phosphate observations. In 1961, nutrient analysis expanded to include silicate, nitrate and nitrite; in 1973, chlorophyll was added; in 2008, the nutrient analysis expanded to include ammonium.  Data Report Format.
Primary Productivity Data Report
These are a subset of the quarterly tabulated cruise data report containing only stations in which primary productivity experiments were carried out.  Includes hydrographic data along with primary productivity data.
List of personnel per cruise, cruise dates, ports of call, ship name, and captain's name.
Macrozooplankton Biomass Report
Contains the macrozooplankton biomass, as wet displacement volume, after removal of large (>5 ml) organisms from the starboard side of a 71 cm mouth diameter paired net (bongo net) equipped with 0.505mm plankton mesh; towed obliquely from 210 meters to the surface.
Spatial Pattern Figures
Contains vertical (line 90 only) and horizontal (10 and 200 meters along the standard CalCOFI grid) contour plotted hydrographic data.
Bird Figures
Quartely Avifauna distribution observations over the standard CalCOFI grid.

CalCOFI Database

We import all of our final hydrographic data into a Microsoft Access Database.  We then generate csv's, XML and SQL files from this database.  Column Definitions for Cast and Bottle Tables.

Access Database
Microsoft Access format;  version 18Jul2017 (mirror link).  Includes final hydrographic data from March 1949 -Fall 2016 (IEH data + published Data Report data). 
CSV format; version 18Jul2017 (mirror link).  Includes final hydrographic data from March 1949 -Fall 2016 taken from the Cast, Bottle and DIC Tables of the Access Database.
XML format; version 18Jul2017 (mirror link).  Includes final hydrographic data from March 1949 -Fall 2016 taken from the Cast, Bottle and DIC Tables of the Access Database.as separate XML-XSD files.
SQL formatversion 9June2017 (mirror link).  Includes final hydrographic data from March 1949 -Fall 2016 as Access to MySQL 'dump' SQL file.  Complete web version, includes Cast, Bottle, Standard Station, Standard Depth, and metadata tables, uncompresses to over 870mb.

CalCOFI IEH-formatted ascii files

  • The IEH format was developed as an archive format for the CalCOFI data.  IEH stands for "Is Everybody Happy?" coined by programmer David Newton.
  • IEH's are available, per cruise, in two formats:
    • Observed data only (file nomenclature: YYMMarch.ieh)
    • Interpolated standard levels (file nomenclature: YYMMt.ieh)